The first edition is nearly sold out

After selling or donating 15,000 copies of Mixed Emotions, we have an opportunity to make some improvements and reprint. There are still some copies of the first edition in the distribution pipeline, though, so if you need a copy right now, try,, or other retailers.

The second edition
will be even better

Over the years, users have made suggestions that we’ve incorporated in the second edition, which features:

  • Thicker cards that have a protective coating

  • A longer book that includes more information and is smaller, so it can travel with the cards

  • A rigid box that’s just big enough to hold the deck and book and will do a better job of protecting the cards

  • An area on the blank cards that enables you to create your own illustration

Pre-order now

The new deck should be off the press in early October 2019. If you pre-order now, you’ll get your deck first, before it’s available to any other distributor.