Pre-Order the Second Edition

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Pre-Order the Second Edition

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When you pre-order the second edition of Mixed Emotions, you’ll receive your card deck before it’s available via the distributor (New Leaf) or retail channels (such as Your copy should ship in early to mid October.

The new edition includes:

  • Thicker cards that have a protective coating

  • A longer book that includes more information about how to use the cards, but is smaller, so it can fit in the same box

  • A rigid box that’s just big enough to hold the deck and book and will do a better job of protecting them

  • An area on the blank cards that enables you to illustrate your own

About these cards

Without insight into your emotions, it's difficult to make informed choices, especially during times of change or stress. The Mixed Emotions card deck features beautifully illustrated cards that you lay out in meaningful ways to identify patterns and subtleties you might not have considered before. The knowledge you gain gives you new insights and helps you consider new options. Whether you have a decision to make, a conflict to resolve, or just want to prioritize the things in life that are important to you, using these cards can help. 

In the following video, Josh Friedman, CEO of 6 Seconds, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people develop their emotional intelligence, explains how Mixed Emotions cards can help.